A Complete Guide to Mining in Alien Worlds

Forget the details, how do I get started?

OK, I’m in, give me some of those details now

What do I do with all this crap?

Don’t throw away those duplicates!

What’s the best place to mine? What are the best tools to use?

  • https://aw.anyo.io/planets — This site will show you the current Mining Pool for each planet. The higher the pool, the more Trilium you can find. At the moment, the pools are refilled at the same rate, but in the future, Staking will affect the Trilium pools. For now, you can use this chart to see if a particular planet has a larger pool before you start mining
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KrhEECNdXR3HnRk17nUAxPf_XlAX_BfBEWKKmGzC_is/edit#gid=1140109464 — spreadsheets of the tools and land types
  • Get your family to join in!. The devs have said that there is no concern about using multiple accounts from the same IP address as long as its reasonable (i.e. family members and not a mining farm)
  • You can see all of your transactions on Wax Blocks (https://wax.bloks.io/). This is also where you can see all of your tokens and stake CPU/NET, which may be needed if you mine a lot
  • Remember that when using three tools, only the two highest Charge Times will be counted.
  • Try different Tool combinations on different lands and find one that works for you
  • Switch out to lower Charge Time tools when you have more availability, longer Charge Time tools when you will be sleeping or unavailable
  • If you have funds available you might consider purchasing a land plot. They are pretty expensive, but can provide a steady passive income, and should retain resale value.
  • Be careful in the markets. There has been a lot of FOMO into Alien Worlds over the past week, and prices for Lands and Tools have shot through the roof. Do some market research before making any large investments



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