A First look at MoBox, a DeFi Gaming Platform on Binance Chain

Mobox banner image

The intersection of gaming and Decentralized Finance in the blockchain space has been growing rapidly, with new projects popping up on a regular basis. One of these, called MoBox (referral link — https://www.mobox.io?source=10000504), just opened up at the beginning of April on the Binance Chain.

Mobox has several things going on, but the primary activity at the moment is the Momo Farmer. This is a DeFi farm with a small selection of pools for stablecoins and BNB, and a liquidity pool for the platform's token MBOX vs BNB. They refer to these as ‘Crates’. By staking in their Crates, you earn Keys. Keys are earned in fractions, and can be used to open Chests once you have accumulated one or more.

Each Chest will contain one, random ‘Momo’. Momos are box-shaped creatures with cute, little faces that come in various rarities. They are the primary NFT in the Mobox ecosystem. They can be staked into the Mining Camp to earn MBOX tokens which distributed daily to all participants from a set pool (200,000 tokens a day) in proportion to the percentage of total Hash Power your mining Momos provide.

My Momo Mining Camp

You can also collect sets of matching Momos to for bonus Hash Power.

My Momo collection page

You can upgrade Momos for some sort of effect, presumably to make them fitter, happier, and more productive. I haven't been able to test this out myself because it is restricted to only Rare and higher Momos, and my collection is rather limited.

One of the cool features that I did want to call out, is that you can harvest your Key tokens from multiple pools with a single transaction as well as open multiple chests at the same time! Pretty sweet!

Claiming keys on Mobox

Just recently, a new option was added which allows players to stake MBOX tokens for a chance to acquire Gems which will be embedded into the Momos to make them stronger. I haven’t managed to snag any Gems yet, but you can read more about them here — https://mbox.medium.com/mobox-gem-system-6744880dde96 . I am a bit disappointed that so far, all of the upgrade options are limited to only Rare, Epic and Legendary Momos. This just makes the system even more top-heavy. I’ve collected 13 Momos so far and not a single one would be eligible for upgrading or gem enhancements!

Gem Lottery on Mobox

As for the gaming options on the platform, for now, they are just simple trading / price guessing games with regularly resetting leaderboards. Getting into the top 10 for any of them and you can earn free MBOX tokens. I seem to be pretty terrible at these, but if anyone wants to give it a shot, there is the possibility to win 100s of tokens for free! There are several other games listed as coming soon, some of which look to involve the Momos themselves, so perhaps we’ll see an additional use for those anthropomorphic boxes in the near future!

Trading Games on Mobox

I’ll end this article with my reference link for anyone who wants to give it Mobox a spin.


Is this a good investment? Hell if I know! Their site is pretty slick and they are active on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. Development has continued since the initial release, so it feels like the team is truly invested in continuing to build on the system they have started.

The MoBox ecosystem overall has taken a major value hit over the last few weeks. Keys were valued at $150 each not long ago (now at $61) and MBOX tokens were at $3.50 (now $1.45). So if you’re interested in picking up projects after a downswing, now might be a decent, low, entry point for Mobox. I’ve been involved since the beginning, including paying premium prices for keys, and have felt comfortable re-investing my earnings back into the system to increase my passive income.

If you don’t want to risk an investment, you can always play their trading games for free and/or participate in the Crate system to earn Keys which can then be sold directly or converted into Momos, which can also be sold (the rarest ones go for over $1000!).

I do want to note that there is a withdrawal fee (that steadily decreases to zero over 6 months) for removing your funds from the Farms and Pools on Mobox, so be sure you know what you’re signing up for before making any deposits! See the chart below for details.

Here are the links to their social media sites if you want to research further.

Telegram: https://t.me/mobox_io
Discord: https://discord.gg/gW2eAU4WZy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MOBOX_Official




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