Alien Worlds Rockets into Ethereum and Binance

One of the hottest apps on the WAX ecosystem since early December, Alien Worlds continues to push boundaries. Since the very beginning, the team has said that they were interested in creating something that combined gaming, DAOs, simulated economy, and cross-chain connectivity. And so far they have done exactly what they said they would do!

The latest news is another stride forward. They have recently announced a teleport portal, allowing Trilium (TLM — the Alien Worlds currency), to be transferred over to Ethereum and the Binance Chain, coupled with an upcoming listing on Binance (open on April 13th). This also includes a launch pool listing on Binance, where users can stake BNB and BUSD to earn TLM.

New Binance listings almost always send ripples across the crypto world, and this announcement was no exception. The number of active miners in Alien Worlds has doubled, the going rate for all tools has increased several fold, and there is over eight billion in value locked up in the Alien Worlds Launch Pools on Binance! Eight. Billion (actually it’s up to nine billion now). That is an incredible amount of money to be staked!

Now of course, it would not be wrong to assume that the majority of this money is simply folks looking to score some free tokens and/or hoping to score big money on opening day, but nonetheless, this brings an amazing amount of exposure to Alien Worlds, and highlights their cross-chain compatibility. And with the upcoming first phase of planetary governance, things are really heating up in the Alien Worlds metaverse!

daily active miners in Alien Worlds — chart by eosusa

Now, if you’re interested in earning Trilium the old-fashioned, proper way, then you have to mine it at And best of all, getting started is completely free! All you need is a WAX wallet (which is also free). I wrote a guide a while back, though it may be a bit outdated at this point. There are more recent and detailed guides available such as

And even though Alien Worlds is running on the WAX blockchain, you don’t need to own any WAX to mine (unless you mine often or start putting up sales on the markets — then you may run out of RAM on the WAX network, but all you have to do is stake 2–3 or WAX to have enough for all of your mining needs).

If you would like to pick up some WAX, either as an investment or because there are a lots of cool projects happening, I would personally recommend Kucoin. I’ve been using them since 2017 and haven’t run into any major issue. Best of all, no KYC is required! WAX is currently available in trade with ETH and BTC. Here is a shameless referral link if you decide to sign up —

And once you start mining, feel free to visit any of my lands in the image below! They are all set for a low commission rate of 10%, so you get more Trilium for your mining efforts!

Strike the earth!



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