Alien Worlds: Shining and Upcoming Sales

When I last talked of Alien Worlds a few weeks ago, they were getting ready to have their second pack sale, which they did. Much like the first, there were some initial purchases at the higher price point as folks tried to snag the first mints, but then interest slacked off until the lower price points were reached and the rest of the packs quickly sold out.

I do like the dutch auction style pricing. It seemed to work really well for Alien Worlds — they sold out in a couple of days, including a good number of packs at a higher than normal price point. I think that perhaps this is something that the some of the other gaming companies with high price points should consider doing!

But anyway, back to the subject at hand. The Alien Worlds folks updated us recently with this article explaining how ‘Shining’ will work in their game.

Shining Info

Shining in Alien Worlds follows the established pattern. Trade in a number of cards at a lower Shine to make them into one card at a higher Shine. Shining in Alien Worlds does have a couple of twists. For one, Shining creates a new card type. And since WAX NFTs keep track of mint number (which can greatly increase the value of a card) and all cards from packs will be only base level Shine, then every card will have a player-created #1 mint for each Shine level above base! That should certainly stimulate the card economy!

Additionally, in Alien Worlds, Shines will provide some sort of stat benefit to the card (details unrevealed at this time). This is a bit unusual. Usually the Shine in card games is for visual and collection purposes, not to provide a game advantage. We’ll have to see what sort of bonuses are implemented. Hopefully nothing too significant.

There are three potential Shine upgrade levels, Gold, Stardust, and Antimatter, in that order. Below is the official chart and guide.

There is also a special shine called X-Dimension that was only available in the already completed rare pack sale. Several have sold for over $100!

What’s Next?

Two more pack sales are coming over the next few weeks. The first, on Nov 20th, can only be purchased with eosDAC (some sort of partnership I presume), and will include special ‘Dacalizer’ tools that can only be acquired during this sale. 1000 packs will be available.

After that, on December 4th will be the land sale. This is the one I’m looking forward to! Lands will be the crux of the whole game, so it seems like acquiring some land would be important. There will be 3,000 land packs up for grabs. I hope that this sale doesn’t go the way of the recent Sandbox and Splinterlands fiascos!

And that’s it for updates on Alien Worlds. Hopefully we will have some meaty gameplay updates soon!




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