Council Elections are coming to Alien Worlds

The much awaited first iteration of Planetary Governance has arrived in Alien Worlds, in the form of Planetary Councils. The members of the council have not been chosen yet, but many are already jockeying for positions.

You can sign up for the running yourself and vote (once the voting begins) at However, it should be noted that running for a Council position requires that you lockup up 5,000 of the appropriate planetary tokens. Presumably these will be unlocked at a later date, though details of that part are unclear.

Also unclear is what exactly the Planetary Councils will do. Assumptions are that they will have access to a few metaphorical switches and gears they can flip and alter to change how Trilium is allocated on their respective planets. How all that works remains to be seen, but it should be quite interesting.

Those who have staked Trilium to a planet will be able to vote in that planet’s elections. And as
some of you may have guessed from the banner image, I am running for Planetary Council and think that you should vote for me as ~~Galactic Overlord~~ **Relatable Council Member** if you have already staked Triulium or are thinking of doing so. Doesn’t matter which planet, because I’m running for Council on all of them!

In times of turmoil, one must remember to go forward, not backward. Upward, not forward. And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

Vote CryptozNewb for Galactic Overlord! A vote for CryptozNewb is a vote for Freedom!

And if for some reason, you choose not to vote for me or don’t have the power to do so, you may still participate in my benevolent guidance by mining on any of my lands, pictured below, for a low, low 10% commission rate.



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