Gods Unchained Weekend Tournament Changes: Part 2

After the first weekend of the updated Rewards system for the weekly Gods Unchained tournaments, Immutable made a few changes and updates in response to player feedback and their own observations.

Most notably, the reward list has been updated and now includes Trial of the Gods packs! Summary below.

  • Lower minimum rank requirement for the 14 and 15 wins.
  • Slightly higher rank requirement for 17 wins and for 19 wins.
  • Slightly more packs overall than before.
  • Many of the Core pack prizes have become Trial of the Gods prizes.
  • Any Trial packs won will not be awarded until after Trial of the Gods is released. (There may be a delay between when the set is released and when those packs are awarded.)

Players can now also receive an additional reward (one Trial of the Gods Rare pack) for winning 30 or more matches during the weekend. And finally, Ranking is based on your Rank at the start of the weekend event. So tanking before the weekend starts would be a bad idea!

Great changes! Glad to see the team iterating quickly to improve the system. Nothing new has yet been announced for this coming weekend. If there is, I will try to get a post up about it ahead of time.

My Week Two Experiences

Once again there was a good amount of deck variety and a lot of different players seeking matches this past weekend. Only a couple of times did I run into the same player.

A number of lower-ranked folks complained on Discord about having to frequently match up against Mythic players, but in my personal experience (starting off at Mythic), I would say a good 80% of my matches were against other Mythic players. I was starting to wish for some of those sweet, lower-ranked targets. But when I finally did run into an opponent who was only Rank 9 and using what appeared to be the War Starter deck, I was thoroughly trounced!

Soul Burn — the best kind of burn

I had a strong start to the weekend, winning 4 of 5 on Friday night with my Soul Burn deck. This is one of my old-time favorites and I was glad to see that it was once again viable. But perhaps I should have played more that night. Because Krumpy Lumpkins had to go and win 21 out of 25 matches on Saturday with his Soul Burn deck, prompting others to try the same and everyone else to be better prepared to face it, resulting in a miserable rest of the weekend for me. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Because of course my losses had little to do with my game skill or deck-building capabilities ;)

With the new system, and lack of activity in non-ranked Constructed, it wasn’t especially viable to try and switch decks mid-tournament, so I stuck with what I had, making a few tweaks along the way as I lost more matches. Ended the weekend with a mere 14 wins — barely above 50% and a downgrade from the previous weekend. Oh well, at least I made it far enough to score a Trials pack! Hooray for the new rewards!

I hope to prepare more this coming week, and build up two or three deck options for the weekend.

Let me know what you guys think of the new reward system and what your experiences have been so far!



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