Soon will come the time for selling and buying of Gods Unchained cards

Phil Hall
2 min readMar 23, 2021


Do you own any Gods Unchained cards that have been gathering dust in your wallet? Are you a Gods Unchained player that just wants to purchase a few cards for their decks? Are you interested in Gods Unchained but turned off by high gas fees?

If any of your answers to the questions are ‘yes’, then I have some important news for you!

Coming very soon (last stated target date was March 2021), will be the first phase of the Gods Unchained migration to Immutable X? What the hell is Immutable X? In short, it’s a layer 2 solution that focused on NFTs and reducing gas fees. Gods Unchained will be the first to venture forth into this new space, but many other games are lined up to join as well! You can read more about Immutable X on their website (

graph of active Gods Unchained players by Delphi Digital

The active userbase for Gods Unchained has seen a major uptick in recent weeks, due to their recent play to earn promotion (today is the last chance to sign up for the bonus!) and a significant increase in hype for the imminent release of Immutable X.

First phase of the release will only include cards from the Trials of the Gods expansion. In related news, Trials of the Gods packs are nearly sold out and you will not be able to win any more from the official weekend tournaments. Sales of the remaining packs are currently on hold as the team works to make sure that their backlog of prize packs from previous weekends are distributed. Once sales are opened again, I imagine that FOMO will kick in and the remaining packs will disappear quickly.

If you own any Trials of the Gods cards, you should make sure and link your wallet to Immutable X. This will ensure that your Trials cards are transferred over ( and you will be ready to engage with the market when it opens.

The current Gods Unchained Play-to-earn promotion is coming to and end and today is the last chance to sign up and get a $20 bonus for playing a few games and linking your Coinbase account! Feel free to use my referral links for either or both and I hope to see you on the battlefield and participating in the new markets soon!